Respect the circumstances of the moment. Thoughtful Communication

Respecting the Circumstances of the Moment. Times of Crisis and How You Communicate. PR and Social Media.

Print PDFTimes of Crisis. Online Communication. Don’t add noise during a crisis. Advice for communicators and business owners. How do you react on online when breaking news hits? What’s your role as a professional communicator or business owner? We must respect the circumstances of the moment. Be a thoughtful communicator. What do you do when breaking news […]

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Building Collaborative Relationships with Social Media

Print PDFWhy Compete When You Can Collaborate? An event to introduce women we admire, My friend Tammy Cannon, Cannon Social Media and I recently held an event to celebrate women we admire in social media, journalism, public relations and small business. Tammy and I operate under the same belief that there is enough business for all […]

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Business Cards Still Relevant

Print PDFBusiness cards are still a good and necessary business tool. Do you question whether business cards are still necessary with all the ways we can share contact information online and with smart phones? As long as there are people are still using business cards, I will too. I love using online networks as well as apps […]

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